Michael Reif

Software Technology Group @ TU Darmstadt

CogniCrypt: supporting developers in using cryptography

by Stefan Krüger, Sarah Nadi, Karim ali, Michael Reif, Mira Mezini, Eric Bodden, Florian Göpfert, Felix Günther, Christian Weinert, Daniel demmler, and Ram Kamath

Abstract: Previous research suggests that developers often struggle using low-level cryptographic APIs and, as a result, produce insecure code. When asked, developers desire, among other things, more tool support to help them use such APIs. In this paper, we present CogniCrypt, a tool that supports developers with the use of cryptographic APIs. CogniCrypt assists the developer in two ways. First, for a number of common cryptographic tasks, CogniCrypt generates code that implements the respective task in a secure manner. Currently, CogniCrypt supports tasks such as data encryption, communication over secure channels, and long-term archiving. Second, CogniCrypt continuously runs static analyses in the background to ensure a secure integration of the generated code into the developer’s workspace. This video demo showcases the main features of CogniCrypt: youtube.com/watch?v=JUq5mRHfAWY.



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